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    Carmelo Meloman Lo Giudice

    You may or may not know me, but I’m Carmelo “Meloman” Lo Giudice. I’ve been affiliate marketing as a “super affiliate” since the 90’s when the internet first got popular. I’m now part owner of an affiliate network called RevoutionForce.com. After years of people asking “what do you do” and “how can I learn affiliate […]

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  • Case Study: My First Facebook Ad Campaign

    This is our first attempt at Facebook Ads. Goal: Test our new internal tracker software with Facebook traffic and get a feel for Facebook marketing. My final end goal is to work out any bugs with our tracker, keep test FB traffic and see if anything looks promising. Network Tested: RevolutionForce.com Offer: FlashTact PPS US/CA/AU […]

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  • How To Pick Good Domain Names

    Picking the right domain name for a project is important. A good domain will lend credibility to a site. 1 word domain names are only available in the aftermarket and cost much more than the $10 a brand new one cost. There’s still plenty of 2 and 3 word domains available¬†for ¬†brand new registration. My […]

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  • Affiliate World Conference Berlin

    The RevolutionForce marketing team and I will be heading to Berlin for Affiliate World Conference July 18 & 19 2016. If you have’t been to one of these I highly suggest attending. Associated with StackThatMoney.com forum, these shows are built for affiliate marketing. Created by affiliates for affiliates.